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*----------Welcome To Alia Law Agency----------*

          They are the prominent law publishers from Allahabad Situated on opposite of honorable Allahabad High court. They have published over six hundred of books on Central and U.P. They have a prestigious name in Law Publication as well as Distributors & Booksellers .

           They Have books on Civil, Criminal & Revenue Law, Commercial Labor & services laws, Excise & customs, import & export, banking & finance, foreign publications, Constuitional & international laws, Central Government & Railway Employee, Law Reports & Journals. Of leading publishers from Foreign and India like Butterworth, Sweet Maxwell, Central Law Agency; Alld, Central Law Publication Allahabad, Allahabad Law Agency Publication Allahabad.; Faridabad, Universal Law Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. Delhi, Eastern Law house Kolkatta, Show White publication Mumbai, Taxman Publication Delhi, Bharat Law House Delhi, Allied Book Company Delhi, India Law Delhi, Orient Law House Delhi, Vinod Publication Delhi, DLT. Publication, Chennai, Aditya Books Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, Macmilan India Ltd New Delhi, Delhi Law House Delhi, Kamal Law House Kolkatta , Jain Book Agency New Delhi and Deep and Deep New delhi.

          They are also Library supplier. Supplying the books & journals to Allahabad High Court, District Courts, bar councils, Law Colleges and Government Libraries.

          In their future plan they have to established an online library on law. Providing law information through web. They are having plan to publish regular decision & Amendments of ALLAHABAD high court Through e–publishing in each and every area of law .